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Board / Committee
Committee Members
Committee Members
Board Members
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Architectural Review Committee - Vince Marek (Chairman)
Tel: (512) 252-0077
Joe Cates - Tel: 252-2622,
Waren Jones - Tel: 251-2123, Email:
Responsible for homeowner compliance with the community’s Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions and appropriate municipal codes.
Recreational Events - Kim Ringer (Chairman)
Tel: (512)423-9723 or (512)415-6616
This committee was formed to plan activities for the community.
Fairways Clubhouse - Anna Speichinger
Tel: (512) 410-0326 (Ext.0)
- Check the Calendar for Clubhouse Availability
- Print the Clubhouse Lease Agreement
Responsible for taking reservations for the Fairways of Blackhawk Clubhouse.
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1101 Arrow Point Dr. #101
Cedar Park, TX 78613

P.O. Box 200145
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Office: (512) 918-8100
Fax: (512) 918-8121